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Niche Services.

We offer a variety of niche services in addition to the core services expected of a typical Project Management / Quantity Surveying practice.

We believe this collection of services makes us unique and they allow us to add value. The success of our business today is largely as a consequence of our people who deliver niche services to select client groups.

The provision of builder’s quantities to Contractors featured in the early years of our evolution, with commercial services to steelwork subcontractors remaining a significant part of our business today. Such is our expertise in these areas that a number of our competitors commission our niche services to support their professional teams.

The evolution of the Sum brand has seen the business focus on four distinct areas. Our Niche Services is one of these areas and a stalwart of the business. Our steelwork knowledge, measurement expertise, M&E cost management skills and knowledge of sustainability make us different.

Services we offer.

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