M&E Cost Management.

We offer specialist M&E Cost Management services at any stage in the whole life cycle of a project. These services can be employed to support our traditional Cost Management services or as a niche specialism in their own right.

Our experience on low carbon developments allows us to add value beyond a standard commercial installation. We can advise on specific briefs such as renewable energy installations or provide life cycle costs for alternative lighting schemes across a large estate. Our clients can be informed during the design coordination stage in order that long term maintenance costs are considered at the outset.

We understand that construction involves more than just bricks and mortar. The M&E Services provide the energy, comfort, communication and intelligence that bring a building to life. They work in harmony with the build elements to fulfil essential functions, and when they account for up to 50% of a project value, the cost of the M&E Services cannot be taken lightly.

We believe that M&E Cost Management should be treated in exactly the same way as the build elements. Our expertise and intimate understanding of the M&E Services marketplace gives us the edge to outshine others. We can offer added value with niche services. We are Sum.