Our business started as a provider of builders quantities services to estimating teams within small and medium sized building contractors in 2002.

Since then, we have served most of the UK’s recognised names in contracting.
During the last ten years, we have been lucky enough to work on many prestigious schemes – including community centres; places of worship; theatres; houses; high rise residential towers; large mixed-use developments; science laboratories; mill refurbishments; listed buildings; supermarkets; student residences; hotels; commercial buildings; schools; colleges; universities; hospitals; barn conversions; complex civil engineering schemes; a flood alleviation scheme; coastal defences; highways; bridges; public realm; car parks; sports and leisure facilities; confidential defence projects and a submarine factory.

Due to this extensive experience, we now have the retained technical knowledge to prepare quantities and pricing documents in the following formats:

  • CESMM3
  • MCHW4
  • New Rules of Measurement
  • SMM7
  • Concrete Repair Association SMM

We understand that accuracy, format, scope capture, measuring what’s not on the drawings and delivering to a tight deadline are all important factors in gaining our clients trust. Our people have earned this trust and deliver tangible results. However, a successful history is nothing without a future and so we must evolve. To preserve our roots in this niche service area, our people are embracing measurement technology, including BIM (Building Information Modelling) and will become better and more efficient at what we do. We believe BIM will benefit our buildings, our places and our communities. We believe it is the future of our niche billing service too.