We appreciate that every project is a ‘big project’ to our clients and confidence in the procurement process is important in illustrating best value.

We believe we have the necessary experience to provide our clients with a wide range of early options for engaging with the procurement process. Whether procuring a product, a subcontractor, main contractor, professional team or framework.

Our clients’ options are not always straightforward and comprise a wide range of interrelated issues. In providing clear, knowledgeable and pro-active advice, we are able to assist our clients throughout this process empowering them to make informed and educated decisions.

We have an in-depth understanding of the local market place and its inherent risks and opportunities. Together with our niche expertise in steelwork, M&E services and sustainability, we are afforded the ability to negotiate favourable terms on significant work packages. In addition, the effective management of the contractual process reduces risk and enhances our clients’ position should subsequent negotiations be necessary.