Cost Control.

For a project to be effective overall, the control of cost(s) must be an integral feature of the project delivery process.

At feasibility, concept, or competition stage, the anticipated costs should be identified and measured to ascertain what is feasible – “define”. A proposed cost profile should be approved before any further commitment is made.

During the design coordination and implementation phase(s) of a project, all likely and incurred costs, from proposed to actual, should be noted and challenged as they evolve, to help ensure costs are controlled and kept in line with initial expectations – “deliver”. The data derived from the cost management process is analysed and continually fed back to the project team to aid decision making and improvement.

A proactive cost control function allows early decisions to be made and direction achieved on the basis of cost where appropriate. Good cost management, reporting, change control and analysis can deliver real value – “benefit”. The benefits we achieve for our clients are tangible. Projects are cost led, expenditure and forecast cash flow match available funding, value is enhanced and risks are managed.


Cost Planning aims not only to predict how much something will cost to build or deliver, but, once design and specification levels are set, it provides the parameters for any future design development budgets. Our Cost Planning services can often include provision for cost in use and life cycle cost.

A cost plan develops through iterative stages of refinement, from the preliminary indication of the costs of a client’s brief or designer’s concept, to a market tested cost plan. The market tested cost plan is referenced to designs and specifications, offering a level of certainty on which to confidently base investment decisions.

A cost plan links the design to a detailed statement of the quantum, quality and cost of the scope involved in its realisation. It is important to encourage dialogue with stakeholders to help them articulate their requirements. This benefits everybody in understanding the implications of what they are trying to achieve, and arrive at the optimum balance between objectives.

Owing to an inherent emphasis on value, and drawing on our complementary value and risk management services, we are able to support clients and their teams in making logical and informed decisions. Analysis of cost, value and risk of a proposed design together with a focus on business objectives enable us to add real value.

Our Cost Planning services draw on a wealth of expertise in niche areas – including steelwork, mechanical and electrical services and sustainability. Intelligence from different projects and sectors is continually captured, promoting quality, accuracy and integrity in our Cost Planning.


The cost report is an essential collaboration of project cost data from which we present a live costs position to the client and project team. It is this report which offers security to the project and enables the team to proactively act on any deviation from trends or potential liabilities beyond the current funding profile. Almost as important is the ability to know when a project is under budget in order that finance can be channelled elsewhere to accelerate a capital plan or enhance further business opportunity.

We endeavour to build strong relationships with our clients on the strength of the accurate and reliability of our Cost Management services. Our service offering is further supported by the niche skills of our multi-skilled people and the added value they bring.


We believe our Clients obtain real benefits when engaging our Cost Management services. Projects are cost led and have a higher degree of certainty as to outturn cost. We analyse project cost data and benchmark this against our cost intelligence database. Our observations are continually fed back into the project in order to continually improve the financial position for our clients.

In addition, our multi-skilled team offer added value with complementary expertise in a number of niche service areas:

  • Contract Support
  • Measurement
  • Steelwork
  • M&E Services Cost Management
  • Sustainability
  • Value Management
  • Risk Management