The Great Hall & Balcony Room

Client: University of Technology Sydney

Value: AU$ 13.5m

Contract: AS4000


Project Management

The University’s main ceremonial space is housed in City Campus’s Building One and had not had significant work carried out since the building was completed in the 1970’s. Attracting interest at the highest level of the university governance the Great Hall project required particular care in managing the expectations of the greater university community.

A design competition was carried out and a small innovative architecture firm was appointed with the exciting idea of coating the interior of the space with a metal skin or as it was referred to ‘the mantel’.

The process used to create the metal panels that were used was at the cutting edge of technology befitting the Universities ideals. Designed using Rhino and Grasshopper software, the surface seamlessly integrates audio-visual, lighting, fire, acoustic and mechanical services in a singular dramatic form.

Other key features of the project were the installation of one of the largest LED screens in the Southern Hemisphere and the 12 meter high glass façade ‘Balcony Room’ enclosure. Because of the costs associated with hiring space for functions that would normally be carried out in the Great Hall a tight program was imposed. The target dates were met early and the first major event which acted as the Great Halls opening was the UTS Fashion Show a major event on the university’s calendar.

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